If at first you don’t succeed

KobeSampleApp In the past week Microsoft released a resource kit for developing Web 2.0 applications called Kobe. I found out about it because Oren Eini and Karl Seguin were writing about it. This is what the official site says about Kobe:

Project Kobe is a getting started resource kit for planning, architecting, and implementing Web 2.0 applications and services using the Microsoft Platform. This resource kit is targeted toward technology decision makers, hands-on solution architects, development managers, and developers in the aspiring web startups community and in enterprises and businesses looking to invest in new Web 2.0 application/service development projects.

I don’t know about you but to me this spells guidance and reference application. I therefore expect to find a high quality sample which will teach me the best way to architect, design and build a Web 2.0 application. It appears that is not the case since there is a lot of writing going on about the quality of Kobe.

This spiked my interest but when i tried to download it myself I found out that it got pulled because of ‘community feedback’.KobeGotPulled

Searching the MSDN site for Kobe also turned up a response from the team:

The sample app is not a "reference application" in the context of code completeness. A "sample app" and a "reference app" are quite different in the context of code completeness, and we do not claim Kobe to be a reference app in this context.

If you are as big as Microsoft is then everything you do is under close scrutiny. Also everything that gets released is looked at for guidance since you’re supposed to lead the field. This means the quality of everything that gets released has to be up to par or even exceptional.

Next time ask the community for feedback before it is released and not just throw it out there because whatever is wrong with it, the community will find it and write about it. The former is smart, cool and very Web 2.0 while the latter is just plain silly.

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