Upgraded to Windows 7 Release Candidate

Win7BootLogoYesterday I upgraded my main system (a Dell Studio XPS Desktop 435MT with an Intel Core i7, 6Gb of memory and an ATI HD 4850 running Vista64) to the Release Candidate of Windows 7 Ultimate. And I must say that it was a smooth ride, a bit long but smooth.

Including making a backup and uninstalling some programs that the installer did not like (Daemon Tools, VMWare, Virtual PC and the ATI display driver) the entire process took about three hours. Two of those were for the actual upgrade.

So after that long wait I wanted to see what I got so I rand the Windows Experience Index. With Vista I got a total of 5.9 with all the components being 5.9 and in Vista this was the absolute maximum. With Windows 7 the bar was raised to 7.9 so I was kind of curious what the bottleneck would be. Looks like the hard disk is the weakest link but I can live with that.


So far I’m pretty pleased with Windows 7. The user experience is pretty smooth and polished. Every program I’ve tried just works as it should. Currently I have only one real problem with Windows 7 and that is the way that Libraries work.

Libraries are meant to abstract away from the fact that files can be in several locations. You can add more locations with the library to expose all music for instance in one place.win7_library

The only problem with that is that the location has to be indexed.win7_NotIndexed

This is a problem for me (and a host of other people) because all my media are on a NAS and cannot be indexed. Luckily I did find a way around that but that is kind of a hack. In my personal opinion Microsoft did not think this one all the way through and I’m hoping we’ll see some kind of patch for this in the future.

But like I said, this is my only problem with Win7 thus far. It is fast, smooth, polished and (mostly) a joy to work with.

Hasta la vista: Vista!

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