Meeting The Gu

Yesterday we had a chance to meet with Scott Guthrie and Brian Keller. We talked for roughly two hours and had some interesting discussions.

The topics included:

  • The Security Development Lifecycle
  • Developer Productivity
  • Code Quality
  • Mocking frameworks
  • ASP.NET MVC in a SharePoint context
  • How to create a 64 bits developer environment in our environment
  • TFS and/or Visual Studio in the cloud
  • How do you convince DBA to allow generated SQL instead of stored procedures
  • Creating WCAG 2.0 accessible sites with SharePoint and Silverlight
  • Silverlight on mobile devices

None of the answers provided turn key solutions but most were either interesting insights or angles we had not yes considered.

If you get a chance to sit down with Scott then I suggest you take it. It will almost certainly be an interesting experience!

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